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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


For all of my "faithful" subscribers and my "enormous" fan base, I will fill you in on what good has been happening in my life since the last time I graced you with my brilliant storyline.

I will have been, this coming Friday, dating a wonderful girl for 6 months. Her name is Nicole, and she comes from the beautiful state of Colorado. She is currently finishing up her last semester at a Christian college near Chattenooga, TN with a degree in graphic art. I mention this news first, because it is the closest to my heart. Nicole has shown me more of what love can be and has brightened my life (she's also one of the reasons I haven't touched this blog in over six months).

Since August, I have moved to uptown Charlotte, found a job waiting on tables at a nice downtown restaurant, and have enjoyed significant spiritual comradery with my roommates.

I'm staffing at a prayer house just a couple blocks from my home. In this place I can just "chill" with God for 2 or 3 hours at a time without worrying about whatever else is going on. It's an especially nice thing to do on Sabbath, when I have every right, reason, and injunction to chill anyway.

God has become more real to me as time drags on and my experiences of life become more ... solid .... realistic. My roommates have played a special part in helping this change, by praying with me and by embodying a highly unusual level of passion for and pursual of God themselves. There's some built in accountability there as we "increase" in our relationships with God and each other. It's a help you can't buy. I love it!

There's plenty more to share, but I'll just leave it for now and see what all of you have to say in response. You know that I'm much more motivated to share these little remarks when I know you're reading them.

Yore Truly.

My brother is a Fan.

I last published in my blog on May 22, 2007. That was a LOOOOONG time ago.

My twin brother sent me an message recently about how I need to get back to it because it was refreshing. That means a lot to me, and so I thought I'd blog about it. Affirmation, especially from family, is so motivational and meaningful.

Yore Truly.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back to that divine free-time.

It's a very mature thing to recognize your inability to change people. I cannot emphasize it enough in my own life. I find myself trying so hard to help or fix people even by the "right methods" though I know that God makes the biggest impressions on their mind. First, I tried to learn what God wants me to do; the way He wants me to work with people, and then tried to carry that out myself -independent of Him. But He wants me to just hold His hand continually, and He will give me pointers as I put one foot in front of the other. So now I will not live in self confidence (though some say it's good), but I will live in the confidence of being present with God all the time.


I had an interesting experience the other day. I started out the work day thoroughly depressed. I had so much cognitive dissonance that I couldn’t work. I had no energy though I had gotten plenty of sleep. Something didn't go right and I threw a tantrum, just tossing everything aside and sitting in a heap crying and praying. My brother (and boss) showed up at the work site and found out that things weren’t going so hot and talked with me about it –big thanks if you read this, bro. After sorting things out I felt much better. It seemed that once the depression lifted and clear thinking was engaged, everything else got so much better and brighter. I was no longer tired, though I worked ‘till close to sunset. Even as I started writing this at 10 pm that night I felt awake and mentally vigorous. Labor was not only tolerable, but enjoyable, and I made decisions with ease and forgave myself easily for mistakes.
Part of what my brother and I talked about that day was the importance of priorities. We needed to be doing what was best for ourselves. We needed to be doing the best things whether other people approved or not. What I thought of in the midst of that conversation is that if I gain the world, but lose my soul, it’s worthless. My life is not a whole lot economically different when I put my heart-healthiness up as a first priority; circumstances may be the same. But my viewpoint and focus changes. I have more energy because I’m drawing from an inward strength and joy and peace that could come from no other than a working experience with God’s presence.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ready for success.

Cool story I ran across...

As I was driving home from work one day, I stopped to watch a
local Little League baseball game that was being played in a
park near my home.
As I sat down behind the bench on the first-base line, I asked
one of the boys what the score was.
"We're behind 14 to nothing," he answered with a smile on his
"Really," I said. "I have to say you don't look very
"Discouraged?" the boy asked with a puzzled look. "Why should we be discouraged? We haven't even been up to bat yet."

Yore Truly

Monday, January 29, 2007

What's in a university?

Ya know, after my bro finished college, he said that what he learned the most from were the relationships that he had. The teachers (outside and inside the classroom) and the students. It's that ...networking.
I think college is wonderful idea. But we don't learn facts and figures primarily, but ways of working, self-motivation (hopefully), networking, trying new things.
It's a "safe" environment to test your wings, and since it's bookwork, it's not applied. Making mistakes only means you got the answer wrong, it doesn't mean your company went belly-up or you lost all your stock profits or you got fired.
What say you, college have-beens?

-Yore Truly

Friday, January 26, 2007

Sachy's Wisdom

My friend said something this morning that just clicked like a cocking shot-gun. Wham!
The dudes marched around Jericho while they WAITED seven days. Oh, then there was a seismic shift in the earth's surface and the whole city imploded (yeah, that's cool, but that's not the point). The point is that they were walking AND waiting.
I MUST wait for God. But that patience is active. Paul the apostle said to -this is verbatim-, "run with patience".
Now that's dumb! /: When I run it's in a hurry! That's like "hurry up and wait." But God satisfies our urge to move by telling us to get up and RUN! Just don't be in a hurry to get anywhere. When I'm running in trust and patiently waiting, that's when I step in the puddle He wants me to. When I finally get what I am reaching for after miles of running and waiting for Him, I find out that I got a bunch of good things that He wanted for me along the way.
I can't run with an agenda, only a God directive; trust.
Maybe a bit confusing and hard to pull off, but very cool.

-Yore Truly

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bed-side manners / "The Lord's work"

My dad has really good bed-side manners. (He's a doctor.)
I've worked in hospitals. I've seen many doctors' bedside manners. He has the best.
I told him so. I think he liked that.
Today he and I did rounds at the hospital together, and he told me that when he cares for people as people rather than as patients, they get better and they're happier doing it. They are more confident in the usefulness of his care.
I'm proud of my dad. I think he is one of the best doctors in the world.

Later on the same day dad and I were reading a book called "The Rest of God." The author wrote about the story where Jesus told his disciples to throw their nets in to catch fish. They said that they'd been at it all night and that it stunk, but that they'll throw in the nets anyway. They got a mother-load of fish -in the middle of the day! So, this guy's point was that "the Lord's work" is whatever you have to do, for God -at His direction. If you are going to fish, do it as unto God, if you are going to preach, do that the same way. Jesus washed the disciples' feet. That was work, and it was definitely God's work even though it was "bottom of the totem pole" labor.

While we were reading I thought of our conversation earlier and realized that dad is doing "the Lord's work" inside the hospital every day. He's doing what is given him to do as from God, with God, and for God. I want to be like that in every work I do, no matter how simple or big.

-Yore Truly

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